Terra Madre Delegates

We are pleased to announce our 2012 Terra Madre Delegates!

Hawaii was allotted 5 delegates for our region and 3 of the five are from Big Island. They are: 

Kaleo Correa-a 29 year old native Hawaiian organic farmer from Hilo. She and her husband are the fifth generation to work this 122 year old, 10 acre farm which is completely off grid. They grow taro, sugarcane, fruit and more. She is also working on her PHD studying sustainable community garden education.

Casey Halpern-the Executive Chef at Cafe Pesto in Hilo for the last 11 years. Casey was born on O’ahu 35 years ago and has lived on Big Island since he was just a kid. He is an active participant as a guest teacher and mentor for middle school children all over Hilo. He also supports many of our local producers by featuring their products on his menus.

Jenny Bach-a beekeeper and school garden teacher, Jenny and her husband are also organic farmers where they farm a significant portion of their food including taro, greens, dairy goats and sheep for meat. Raised in Hawaii, Jenny recognizes the importance of education and has created the Honeybee Education Project, a free outreach program for children of all ages.

All three are active Slow Food Hawaii members with a demonstrated passion for Slow Food principals.

And from O’ahu 

Dean and Michele Wilhelm-  this native Hawaiian couple live in a tree house on a 7.6 acre farm and completely off the grid. They are restoring ancient taro lands while farming produce and creating a gathering place where Hawaiian cultural, environmental and social values can be lived and passed on to future generations. They run a mentoring program for teenagers who work on the farm, as well.

Congratulations to our delegates and we will see you in Turin, Italy for Terra Madre!

Terra Madre will be held from October 25th to 29th in conjunction with Salone del Gusto. It is a gathering of producers, educators, chefs and food enthusiasts from 153 countries and an opportunity for these delegates to share and learn and be inspired. This year it is open to the public so anyone can attend!Image

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