Slow Media Coverage, Hawai’i-Specific

Sustainable Farming Moms Changing Food Systems All Across the USA
May 2010

The lure of local Eat more veggies, build our future.
Know your Feds Washington gets with the program on sustainable agriculture. Kind of.
Honolulu Weekly, April 2010

Isle Slow Food founder Nan Piianaia’s life to be celebrated – Honolulu Advertiser
A hui hou, Nancy – Honolulu Weekly
February 2010

Exotic Tastes of the Big Island – New York Times Escapes
January 15, 2010

Time For Lunch – Kamuela, HI Eat-In
Time For Lunch – Waikoloa , HI Eat-In
September 7, 2009

MerrimanAs prices go up, so does potential, Maui News
August 17, 2008

“There is enough fertile land in Hawaii to feed the state’s entire population, but it will take even greater plummeting economics to force Hawaii residents, farmers, businesses and the government to make seismic shifts in their approaches to food and fuel.”

30 BIG (Big Island Grown) Days, blog
Marcus and Kim, residents of Hilo, document 30 days of eating local: enjoying the bounty of the island, supporting Big Island farmers/producers, and reducing oil consumption.

Support local farmers, boost sustainability, by Peter Merriman in the Honolulu Advertiser
May 27, 2008

Farmers market reveals Hawaii, a mainlander’s view of Waimea’s Farmers Market, appearing in the Denver Post.
February 29, 2008

Not Exactly Your Every Day School Lunch… 
Les Dames d’Escoffier Prepare ‘100% Hawai’i Grown’ Edible Lesson for Waimea 6th & 7th Graders
October 8, 2007

Farmer's MarketFarmers’ Market Cookoff
Big Island chefs participate in cookoff using local ingredients
in West Hawai’i Today, August 2007
LLocal chefs gave demonstrations using fresh, local produce and ingredients from vendors at the Waimea Hawaiian Homestead Farmers’ Market… across the country, a relationship between consumers and local farmers… the Slow Food Movement, which aims to support a biodiverse, sustainable food supply, local producers and heritage foodways.”

Locally Grown, from the Inside Out – by Andrea Dean
wonderful article on eating 100% local for three months; a shorter version was published as “Real Local Grinds” in HIJ in December 2006

Savoring Slow Food: Local delegates to international confab – by Sarah Sullivan
from the Hawai‘i Island Journal, September, 2006

Slow Food on the Big Island – by Shepherd Bliss
from the Hawai‘i Island Journal, January, 2006

Hawai’i joins efforts to slow down, eat good food, Honolulu Advertiser
May 1, 2002

Related Media

Edible Hawaiian Islands Edible Hawaiian Islands: A new quarterly magazine, celebrating the abundance of local foods in the Aloha State.

“These islands in the past were all about local; we need to encourage it again. Take value in local, seasonal, authentic foods and the many culinary traditions of the Hawaiian Islands.”

Slow Food Nation Slow Food Nation is both a book and year-long campaign (2007-2008) to galvanize the Slow Food movement in the USA to raise American’s consciousness on how food is produced and distributed.

Slow Food Nation will publish a “State of Slow Food 2008″ catalog.  The campaign will peak with a four-day long exposition that will attract over 50,000 participants, among them hundreds of farmers, producers, and chefs.

National Articles

A Glorious Transformation: The Edible Schoolyard Garden: Alice Waters takes us on a tour of the garden at Martin Luther King, Jr., Middle School.
video and article from, January 2006


The Slow Food USA Blog: What We’re Chewing On



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